User Guide

Document Management System elDoc  — it is enterprise level solution, developed by  "DMS Solutions" for automating document workflow related processes from end-to-end perspective.


Archive — repository of documents that have been expired.
Directory — directory of documents in elDoc system which are sorted according to their status.
Document — electronic document in elDoc system which is created using the menu item “Create document” and includes at least the following attributes: document type, initiator name and creation date.
Document delegating — temporary transfer of permissions to perform any action on document to another user.
End-to-end Search — document search functionality that runs across all document fields, including its attachments.
File — any file attached to document in elDoc system (e.g. text document, spreadsheet, presentation, picture).
Initiator — user who created and submitted the new document in elDoc system.
Iteration — document resubmission.
User — any registered user in elDoc system.
Resolution — action assigned to Executor by Initiator or Signatory which specifies the nature, form and time of task execution in scope of initiated document.
Repository — repository of actual documents.